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Across several industry sectors there is a growing demand for STEM skills. This presents a huge opportunity for colleges to realign their offer to deliver fit for purpose STEM provision. However, having fragmented departments and a lack of focus on areas of economic growth impedes educational institutions from taking full advantage of these opportunities. We offer a structured and time-defined programme “STEM in Development” that can fix this problem.
It enables an educational providers (colleges and universities) to have an integrated and coherent industry-influenced STEM Strategy that uniquely positions a college to deliver cross-curricular provision to drive innovation, enterprise and employability. Guided by members of our Industry Advisory Panel and the Innovation Council, we work with over 500 companies, understand their needs, technologies and practices and bring this knowledge to inform and shape college STEM strategies.
Our expertise and techno-economic assessment help to align STEM Strategies with economic priorities, attract investment and address local market failures. The net impact enables educational providers to invest strategically, plan for the future, generate new revenue and create closer collaborations with business and industry.
The educational provider can then play its full civic leadership role, learners have better progression opportunities, employers get the right skills they need to grow their businesses, and the community prospers.


Further and Higher Education Institutions, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and civic councils who wish to align their educational provision with the needs and expectations of local and national employers.


  • A robust analysis of organisational capabilities, strengths and competitive positioning across chosen STEM areas
  • A clear strategic approach to meeting current and future employer demands and STEM curriculum targets
  • Defined USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and impact measures for STEM
  • Industry-led curriculum development, fit for purpose for both learners and their future employers
  • An engaged STEM curriculum team working together to deliver industry relevant, cross curricular learning


Our highly qualified and experienced STEM team will work closely with you to:

1. Analysis

We will analyse your current STEM curriculum and see how it aligns to cross curricula STEM developments, employer demands and your existing capabilities.

2. Facilitated Workshop

This will be followed by a workshop where the information collated will be validated and areas of focus for on-going development agreed.

3. Evaluation & Strategy Report

We will then undertake a critical evaluation of your offer and how it can be reshaped to meet current and emerging employer demands. This evaluation will inform a series of STEM Recommendations within your STEM Strategy Report.

The STEM Strategy will enable you to prioritise your investment and curriculum planning. We will guide you to publish a STEM Manifesto® that highlights a series of STEM Pledges to your students, employers, governors, partners and the community at large. Ultimately, the STEM Manifesto will help you to reposition your institution as a STEM leaders and strengthen you engagement with all stakeholders.

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STEM in Development at Dundee and Angus College

“I have been to so many different curriculum planning sessions and I can honestly say that this was one of the most eye opening, thought provoking and beneficial sessions I have ever attended.  With a fantastic mix of theory and practical, including vital LMI information about our own region and potential opportunities, the STEM Foundation provided us with new and exciting ways to develop our whole curriculum.  Can we get you back every year!”

Simon Hewitt
Vice Principal Curriculum & Attainment 


STEM in Development Acknowledged by the Scottish Government

“By bringing the STEM Foundation (previously the New Engineering Foundation) on board to develop this ambitious, overarching strategy, Glasgow’s colleges are showing their real commitment to Glasgow and Scotland’s industries and economy, as well as their students and staff. The strategy lays out how important issues will be addressed to continue our great legacy in science, technology, engineering and maths – issues such as skills shortages, gender equality and using a range of different ways to attract sustainable numbers of students into these areas.”

Annabelle Ewing MSP, Minister for Youth Employment


Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board

“Businesses and the economy are striving for higher productivity and STEM skills talent is the key. We aim to make Glasgow world class in STEM, and having the strategy, and STEM Assured will help us do this.”
Michael Fairbairn, Interim Chief Officer, Glasgow Colleges Regional Board


STEM in Development at Glasgow Kelvin College

“We really found it stimulating and definitely got us all talking about our potential - I ended the day with six colleagues in my room debating pros and cons and where we go with this next!”
Carlyn McNab, Director of Business Development, Glasgow Kelvin College


STEM in Development at Havering College

“Much of the growth in jobs will be driven by the need for skills, knowledge and experience in science, technology, engineering and maths. The STEM in Development programme provided our STEM Strategy, thereby enabling us to develop in areas where demand is increasing across a wide range of occupations and sectors”
Maria Thompson, Principal Havering College


STEM in Development at St Helens College

“Working with STEM Foundation has allowed us to align our specialist provision with employer demand, and focus on our strategic approach to developing the higher level curriculum in line with local growth priorities.” 

Victoria Roberts - Vice Principal - HE & FE


STEM in Development at Tyne Met College

"As a result of the STEM Foundation’s work, the college now has a well-defined STEM strategy to address the skills and educational needs of our regional economy, which is heavily focused on leading edge technologies. Tyne Met College has also joined the Foundation’s Intelligent College Network (ICN) for which I have the privilege to be the first Chair."

Audrey Kingham, Deputy Principal 


STEM in Development at Trafford College

"The STEM in Development programme enabled us to structure our provision in key cluster areas that have been validated by employer demand and labour market intelligence. It also helped us to focus on where we should invest and identify cross-curricula opportunities that we might have missed. Along with our £15 million investment in a new STEM facility, this work ensured that the college's STEM provision meets the needs of employers today and in the future."

Sir Bill Moorcroft, Principal & CEO


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